La sentinelle de fer

Nosy Lava’s memories

The story takes place on Nosy Lava, a small island in the north-west of Madagascar. A peaceful island at first and yet this island housed a penal colony that was the scene of the worst atrocities worthy of the worst gulags. This is until 2010, when the doors of the penitentiary are permanently closed. It is on this small island that Rolland Vilella, a navigator familiar with these waters and pushed by his curiosity, anchors his ship.
There he meets exceptionally, that of Albert Abolaza; One of the last survivors of the prison. The two men become friends and from there begins the narrative of the poignant testimony of the last survivors of this camp of prisoners. “The Iron Sentinel” traces the last thirty years of the history of the penal colony of Nosy Lava. Thirty years of violence and horrors. Thirty years of history fallen into oblivion. Thirty years when Rolland Vilella reminds us with the collection of the poignant testimonies of Albert and his ex-prisoners who remained on the island. The Iron Sentinel is a magnificent book that, hopefully, is a prelude that will revive the tradition of the collection “Human Lands”.

Lien Éditeur
27 Octobre 2016
ISBN 9782259243544
288 pages
19,50 €

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